Migration is simply a migraine, a beautiful mix of chaos and uncertainty; its change in its purest potential. Birds do it, herds of land grazing animals seem okay with it, and the Israelites seemed to walk 40 years (maybe in circles) and turned out okay.
I just got accepted to the Peace Corps and like the birds and the land grazing animals I am migrating. I believe God has opened a wonderful door for me and as excited as I am….. I am also all so nervous. What can I teach anyone, God what skills do I have to even contribute to a foreign society.

I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it but Lord your Sheppard staff comforters me you show me goodness and I am eternally grateful. The Lord says in Matthew for us to be the light to this world. I am not going over there for the purpose of evangelism, but to find adventure! As a man I feel this is so important for my growth to be put outside my comfort zone and live with people in a culture I am not adjusted to. I will be an ambassador to my country but more importantly an ambassador to our wonderful God. Every time I think God has forgotten about me there He is.

I wish my life still went in a different direction, I thought by now I would be on my way to marriage and such. I really did love that girl but I now understand where my heart has to rest. His plan is always better and I’m just so excited for the adventure. When I went to Colorado last month I was amazed about the adventure I was getting myself into this is not Colorado!

I think this is a great chance for me to help out some of the people on this earth and to refresh my soul and remember that there are still high context societies amongst us. I can’t wait to see the sun and the moon from the other side of this world, to gaze at the Indian Ocean and realize that I am with the great “I AM”

Why me God? Is this for real?


One thought on “Peace!

  1. It was a real excitement discovering your site this morning. I came up here just now hoping to find out something new. I was not let down. Your ideas for new solutions on this thing were insightful and a good help to us. Thank you for leaving out time to create these things and for sharing your thinking.

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