Deliver Them

I don’t know what breaks my heart more either to know that most Ugandans believe in You and don’t have Bibles to read about your wonderful life, or that a lot of these fine American people who joined the PC don’t hardly know who You are!

I think about it constantly God, as I struggle to fall asleep it breaks my heart that You died so we could live but yet people still turn their back on the most graceful, merciful, and unselfish act in human history. Lord why don’t they see you like I do, Lord why can’t they see the pure love that I see? Is the devil really that good at being deceitful?

On the other hand Lord there’s so many people who feel your presents in the country of Uganda and can’t afford to read the word you paid for through your sacrifice. Jesus why is it that these people don’t have your message? Please tell me what to do! Give me the wisdom and courage to stand up for your name and deliver on your word!

Lord use me as a tool to help give people the love you have given to me, take my heart and lay it down, take my body and work it to the bone, take my soul until it finally meets up in heaven, take my breathe and let it expire if it helps people find You! Give me the will to bow down and submit myself under your blood thorn crown. Pray that I carry my cross so others will see the dedication of GRACE you have left for us in the wake of your death.

Grant me the power to die and be reborn and save this world one name at a time using Your name as a treaty of peace and everlasting unconditional love.


Let me be a light in this crazy land you have allowed us to call Africa

Be A Light


2 thoughts on “Deliver Them

  1. Even more heart-breaking is the perspective some Africans have of why they’re so impoverished: “we are poor because God has judged us” is an oft-heard sentiment here in Tanzania, and usually from the most good-hearted people we meet.

    It’s good to be humble in our circumstances, but not when it becomes an excuse to be idle.

  2. Love it.
    Don’t ever believe that you’re not useful because you’re in a secular organization. God doesn’t make mistakes with where he places us, and He’s not limited by our circumstances. He needs us to be everywhere – spreading the Word wherever we find ourselves.
    I know He has big plans for you….He’s already doing amazing things through you. I’m proud 🙂

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