Codename: Pink Elephant

Pink Elephants

First I wanted to start out by saying that this is not my opinion or my idea but have felt that through the sermon today I wanted to share a mans message to a congregation at Kampala International Church about adultery.

*Some statistics that were given to us today at service from various sources.

12% of pastors surveyed admit to cheating
18% of pastors surveyed admit to others acts besides sex
30% of Male protestant pastors surveyed cheated
38% of pastors surveyed fantasize about cheating
50% of men admit to committing adultery
41% of women admit to committing adultery

In 1 Corinthians 6

Paul states to flee from adultery…. This is an interesting take on Paul’s part, because this same man who paints a picture about fighting the devil in Ephesians with Gods armor and faiths shield with the spirits sword as our protection. In curious fashion does not draw from passion to fight lust like the devil himself but to flee from it.

Jesus also states in Matthew 5 that it is better to gauge out our eye if it lusts then for our whole bodies to fall to the ways of sin and cast into hell when we commit adultery.

So why does Paul and Christ feel running from sin is better then fighting it?
I’m not to sure but the theory is this

Adultery is the one and only sin that attacks our sense of pleasure and its the devils way of making the bad feel good. Adultery is a sin that builds off our imagination and fixates on our deepest desires. Face it God made sex to be enjoyable and not just make babies…. read Song of Songs and tell me they had babies on there mind. The devil uses this deviation of enjoyment to detract us from having pure hearts. This impure enjoyment is formed from our inner desires so it is a hard one to get rid of.

If someones says don’t think about pink elephants ……..what are you thinking about?

I hope your not thinking about those pink elephants that your thinking hard not to think about.

Its the same way about adultery we cant fight it because by fighting it we have to think about it so, Christ and Paul are simply saying run, run as far as we can ….or in other words we need to run run away from those pink elephants run as fast as we can!!

*pink elephants is code for sex(lust)


4 thoughts on “Codename: Pink Elephant

  1. I think you meant Song of Songs when you mentioned Song of Psalms.

    I think that lust and adultery is one of the sins that we cannot defeat, which is why God tells us to run and not to fight. I think if you surveyed those statistics about Christians in general the numbers would be significantly higher, but would lead us to one conclusion; that we are a broken. Sex was originally intended purely for the glory of God by him giving us the glimmer of his ability to create. Sex is the one act where life is a result, and since God is the author of life he loved us so much when he made us that he wanted us to take joy in bringing about life.

    It’s interesting how the world has taken this beautiful Godly act and twisted it into a feral need to pleasure ourselves constantly. It’s also extremely difficult to run away from something that drips from every pore of society from the commercials to newspapers to billboards to even very people themselves unconscious of how they’ve been affected. Everyone is slowly becoming numb to God’s standard of purity.

    • yes Justin I did mean Song of Songs

      I was talking to a follow PCV the other day and I told her that I didn’t believe it was healthy for all the volunteers to sleep around with eachother. Her answer shocked me and broke me she said well as long as you are both being satisfied who cares.

      Stuff like that gets me because it means to some people sex is just as casual as seeing a movie or going to a football game. I couldn’t believe the selfishness in that statement…… it still bugs me

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