Tebow Time

God doesn’t care if you score a touchdown

Lately I have been watching the 24/7 circus on ESPN which is now the Tebow Channel and I have come to this conclusion

1.) I love Tim Tebow as a role model and a man and brother of God
2.) I strongly dislike when people point to the heavens when they score a touchdown

How selfish is that! Maybe I am belittling Gods interest in prime time football but something tells me that it is not God who helps Tebow win…. but maybe I am wrong what do you think?


One thought on “Tebow Time

  1. I think it’s God who gave him his talent, obviously, but I don’t think He is as interested in who wins as how you play the game.
    I think you’re right though – too many players point to the sky after a touchdown or a home run or whatever and I feel like it’s lost it’s meaning. I like the fact the he takes a knee on the field better….

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