Resurrection: “Pass” it on “Over”

Resurrection: “Pass” it on “Over”

So in the old times in the Old Testament the Passover was coming onto God’s people in Exodus 12. He listed out strict rules in order to follow rituals which would allow God’s people to spare the first born child.  The details listed I’m sure happened to be PETA’s worse nightmare if they existed back then.

Take A Lamb

1.)    Take a 1 year old lamb

2.)    Take good care of it for 2 weeks

3.)    Slaughter the lamb during the twilight of the 14th day

4.)    Share the lamb amongst you

5.)    Smear the lambs blood on the door frames of those who eat the lamb

6.)    That same night roast the lamb (don not eat it raw)

7.)    Do not leave anything of the lamb by morning (burn the rest by dawn)

8.)    Eat it in haste with cloak tucked and sandals on

Here God announced that if these actions were followed the first born of each family will be spared from the last plague of the plagues unfolding in Egypt. God had told Moses and Aaron that at midnight of the fourteenth day He would go throughout Egypt and every firstborn son will die, from the first born to Pharaoh who sits on the throne to the slave girl who is at the hand mill and all the first born cattle as well. The Lord hardened Pharaohs heart so he would not let the Israelites go.

After reading the Passover in Exodus it reminded me of a few things about Jesus and his relationship to the Passover. I find it rather interesting that the theme of the first born arises in many areas of the New Testament and the Old Testament. I am not sure how far the Passover was from the death and resurrection of Christ but the theme in the Bible is everywhere.  God struck down the first born in Egypt to save the Israelites and he did so again to His own first son to continue to save his people from sin and destruction. I find it interesting that Jesus is always compared to a lamb and it was a lamb that was used to protect those the plague was coming over. I also find it interesting that God hardened the Pharaohs heart just as the people were hardened by Jesus before his death.

This weekend I celebrate not only the Passover and Exodus of God’s chosen people in the Old Testament but also the Passover of Christ’s crucifixion! Similar to the  Old Testament God sacrificed his first born not to allow sin to enslave us. His resurrection (exodus) and accession up to the father is the one last true lamb ultimately sacrificed for His people.

29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

John 1:29


2 thoughts on “Resurrection: “Pass” it on “Over”

  1. 1 Cor 5:7 touches the PassoverCrucifixion relationship briefly. It’s awesome how connected the events are, and it’s a really cool thing to talk about with our Jewish friends as we all reflect on God and sacrifice in this Passover season.

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